Showa no Otoko


Generation’s gap makes different perseption. This is a story about Shigeo Minoura, a tatami maker, a father and a grand father, who faces difficulty dealing with new ages. Things are very different now. Every thing about modernity makes him dizzy. Young people fall into trend and forget their ancestor’s way of life. His daughter is one of them. She insisted that Rintaro, his grand child, should get into missionary school because that place looks cool. And what about all stupid things about practicality when she only bought beer can instead of having sake in sake shop? Or when she feeds her husband and kid with bread instead of rice like any normal japanese? Geez, it needs more than guts to struggle in this changing world, but Shigeo still believes that man should has pride and live in traditional way.

Wow, I must say this story is great! It covers many angle of life from the perspective of elder. It’s good for us to understand how our father or mother behave like they do. I know, sometimes they are annoying. I used to say stuffs like “The time has changed and I don’t live your era,” to my Mom when she lectured me. It’s just my selfish side while I know there are things she says is beneficial to me if I take it right. Geez, I’ve said so many bad things to my Mom. God, please forgive me.

My Rating: chick327


3 thoughts on “Showa no Otoko

  1. would you like to post biography of the mangaka?! it’s very hard for me to find his/her biography. even in japan wiki..!! help me please. it is very important for my final exam. thank you so much.

      1. ok..thank you for the information. i’ve check the link and there is not much information. but thank you so much, i really appreciate that. 🙂

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