Shiritsu Sei Cattleya Kindergarten

Loving girls, Shuichi Kuroda (23) decides to be a kindergarten teacher. But, those little kids ai39779re not as cute as they should. Their problem varies from future marriage to broken family. Never thought that a kid could think about divorce, Kuroda sensei is very depressed. He’s lucky to have good colleagues like Akane sensei (25) and Yamasaki sensei (age unpublished) who helps him whenever crisis happens.

Akane sensei is an attractive girl who work part time at night club because her wage as teacher is so small. Yamasaki sensei looks like youngster but she actually have a teenager son whose father she never know. No matter how Kuroda sensei wants to attract Yamasaki sensei’s attention, he always failed. He also has to deal with Miki and Furin’s rivalry competing for his love. Man, little kids are hardly forgotten and they are too persistent as well.

This manga consists of short stories in 4 panels. I think it’s a great reading for teacher and parents considering how much children grow faster nowadays. They’re already having many adult’s vocabulary. It’s cute and scary as well.
Though I’m not a good children companion, I love it!

My Rating: chick419


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