Spray King

i49924After rescued by a photographer, Kuroda Miu develops a big interest in that journalism work. She also wants to scoop something that useful or even able to save people by that. Now, her target is to take picture of the spray King, a notorious criminal who always left amazing graffiti on his crime scene. So far, she’s failed of capturing the reality crime in her camera. Reality does hard to get, sometimes it disperse the true story. Miu wants to be a real scoop photographer who catch reality and make people feel it, just like his savior, Kaga san. Reality is also as fragile as the glass, right? When Miu realizes that Kaga-san set everything to get great scoop picture, it breaks her heart. It was Kaga san who wants to kill her to get good picture of murder and now he’s trying again. Who would have thought that Spray King come to save her? Now, Mio is confused. Is Spray King the bad guy or the good guy?

I’ve seen this theme before on one of the episodes of Samurai Champloo, but the graffiti-I must say-is great! Well, the other stuffs are not too good and it’s obviously a man’s drawing. Yeah, I think Mikuni Shin sensei is a man. But, this one placed second in the first shounen rival grand prix, so if you want to take a look at it, just stop by at rycolaa

My rating: chick327


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