Princess Princess

What happen when all you can see is boy? It’s boring.i28399 That’s how they feel in this all boys school. Kouno Tohru never expected that this kind of school raise such a unique tradition. He just got transferred two months after the school’s started. As he imagine before, he become the center of attraction, but not because of his late encounter but his face. You see, since the boys are thirst of girls, they somehow make subtitute for that needs. Ever year, they choose qualified freshman to be “princess”. The princess has to do all the cheering works including good morning smile and clubs visiting to give support for the members. This year, Shihodani, Mikoto and Kouno are tthe chosen princessess. Though it’s a hard duty, but they are given plenty of privileges including free meal coupun, free school’s stationary and extra pocket money. It’s enough to persuade Kouno to join the princesses’ army. But, it’s only the beginning. They have to use the loli dress since the costume designer is quite “crazy”. You want to know how does it go, then? Read it.

I just read this manga few days ago, but I already watched the dorama (only 1rst episode, though), 2 years ago. It was just because I really like O-chan (Osamu Adachi) who played Sakamoto-sama, but his hair was suck. he he he. The princesses were portrayed by Sato Takeru (Kouno Tohru), Kamakari Kenta (Mikoto Yukata) and Fujita Rei (Shihodani Yujiro). I also like Saito Takumi who played the character of student council president, Arisada. Geez, I didn’t pay much attention of them. It’s only 2 years, but they’ve become splendid! I focus on Take-chan and Rei-san.

Ok, back to the manga, this manga is kinda “raw” because it’s obviously unassertive. I mean, if Tsuda sensei wants to make it yaoi, then make it clearer. But, it’s only about boys’ friendship. haaaaa….I’m disappointed. I think I won’t read the next volume.

Download? Let see…hmmm dragon voice and peccatore are working on this project. have fun!

My rating: chick218


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