Moe Kare!!

i44003Dreaming of having boy friend like the ones she read on manga, Hikaru lives in such a imaginative way of thinking. One day, she stumbles on some guys picking on a boy. As she wants to help him, the bad guys turn picking on her. Thank God, a savior coming and beat them. Oh, could this be a beginning of a love story? I mean, the guy looks so cute, cool and strong. Yeah, just like the ones on manga. But, this one is not as sweet as Hikaru wanted. He kisses her harshly and using his tang, too. Iiiiihhhhh…what a shock! However, the first encounter leads to many quick incidents and Hikaru finds Takara as a great man. Well, how’s it going to be?
Just read this Ikeyamada sensei’s work. But, I must warn you, there’s nothing new in it. If you had read Get Love or Midori is Tomboy, you’ll get bored.
Please visit Shoujo’s world for downloading this manga. You can also go to condensation and ochibichan.

My Rating: chick218

PS: Anyway..Hikaru’s just like me dreaming of prince charming coming out of the manga. But, I specifically want Douglas (Miriam by Kyoko Hikawa sensei). lol.


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