Kimi ni Okuru Hana wo Tsumu

kimi-ni-okuru-hana-wo-tsumuSecond love is somehow amazing. After 3 years, Kayako finally going out with her manager. This is a chance for her to forget about Takuto, the late boyfriend and start a new love. She’s willing to move on, but Takuto doesn’t want to. For the first time after his funeral, he appears in front of Kayako claiming that they’re still a couple. It means that Kayako should not see other man beside him. It’s confusing, right? But, Takuto was selfish when he was alive, and it seems like he doesn’t change. To show his serious talk, he possesses the manager’s body and making love with Kayako. Over and over the scenario repeated till Kayako realize that Takuto is lonely and wants to take her too. It’s time for her to decide….

My Rating: chick218


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