After the meteorite fell to earth, many things changed. New creatures evolved as the reaction to that outer space thing. Some shaped in monstrous form called debris which threaten human’s life. Some blend in human’s gene and born as meteodo. Tooi is one of the meteodo. Raised by an A class observer, Nadeshiko Asa, this 14 years old boy has no idea about human normality at all.

i37660To prevent further meteorite’s influence on him, Nadeshiko has brought Tooi deep in observation forest. However, it’s about time he sees more people. Though meteodo is the creature that influence and being influenced by meteor, Tooi’s power is a magnificent one that very helpful against debris. On his first day in Tokyo, a big debris comes out and attack the city. Tooi and a dango girl are swallowed. But, he defeats that monster in flash, though the TV station captures his action and cause uproar. It’s going to hard to keep his identity secret with all the superhero action, but Tooi is already excited seeing more people, more building and more emotions he never seen before. yes, this is the story about Tooi’s adventure. The character of Tooi somehow looks similar with Naruto in the shape. Even the personality is a bit similar. He’s careless, hot headed and acts without thinking. It’s quite disappointed for me who hoped for something new. But, the story is ok, though the idea of meteorite infection is already famous thanks to superman and Smallville. So, it seems like this manga collaborate many ideas into some patch work. Too bad.

My rating:chick218


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