toradora_wpWhat happen when Taiga Aisaka, the notorious scary girl, falling in love? She pulls all her guts to write a love letter. Unfortunately, she puts it in the wrong bag. The letter ends in the hand of Ryuuji Takasu, a boy who has scary face. That’s the beginning of their cooperation. Takasu is “blessed” with horrible eyes expression that scares people away. There is only few person understand that his look is totally different with his sweet personality. Yuusaku Kitamura is one of them. He can talks casually with him. Kitamura is also the guy Taiga fallen in love with. Taiga takes Takasu as slave to help her getting closer to Kitamura. Somehow, she’s too clumsy and plans seldom work. Instead of getting confession to Kitamura, rumors sweeps that Taiga and Takasu are dating.

Falling in love is never been easy, especially for people like Taiga and Takasu who have special circumstances. People are easily like sweet and normal girl/boy, right? I guess most of us share the same value for picking a lover: gentle, sweet and understanding. Those qualities are actually quite standard and go to almost many people.

But, people who reveal extreme traits like Taiga and Takasu seem to be surrounded with prejudice more than good image. Only those who have pure heart can see inside them.

This complicated funny manga is something fresh you’d like to read. It’s taken from a novel by Yuzuka Takemiya and turned into manga by Zekikyo.

You can get this extraordinary manga from mushashi quality .

My Rating: chick419


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