Tokage Ouji

tokage_v01_c001_001Having a miai with Prince Heath of Gazama Kingdom is a nightmare for every woman, especially Princess Canary. He drinks, gambles and flirts around with women. But, as her father begs her to go, Canary decides to take a look. However, the man she meets is totally different with the rumor. He’s gentle, sweet and sincere. She was going to turn him down, but they end to promise meeting each other again. Never knowing the true form of the prince, Canary binds the promise with blooming heart. 15 years ago, he was cursed by a lizard to replace his brother’s evil doing, and turned into lizard. He can be restored as human by the power of love. Could Canary be the magic to release him free?

This is the first manga I downloaded from Aerandria. I think it derived from “the frog prince tale”. Though I don’t like lizard, I enjoy this sweet simple romantic story.

My Rating: chick327


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