i4110Keisuke Yamato’s first meeting with Ami Ninomiya is a disaster. He starts having dreams that Ami calls him a murder. It does gonna be hard school life since they both join swimming activities club. Both of them are promising athletes. Keisuke used to be the third winner at free style when he was at junior high. Now, Keisuke is aiming for chest style swimming champion. He has to try hard, but Ami keeps annoying his concentration. Come to think about it again, the quarrels belong to their two families who own cookies shops. The history of ‘Hehe’ and ‘Hoho’ cookies shared the future of both youngsters. How Keisuke and Ami deal with it?

Geez, this manga was published 3 years after I was born, but the Indonesian version has just released last year (2008). What an old story ha?
Adachi Mitsuru sensei is widely known for baseball theme of manga, so this one is kinda out of track. However, the humor and sliced of philosophy contained are the same. You better read it!

You can go to mangadownloads to get this one.

My Rating: chick58


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