Full Swing Tama

As the doctor said that he could never hold baseball bat perfectly, Tama loses his goal. He had been in love with baseball since he went to his favorite player’s game. What’s life without dream now? He wants to make a home run. But, no matter how much he practices, that won’t do. One day, he saw a man hitting ball on a wall. Hmm…isn’t that what they call squash? The beat and the man’s moves are synchronized so the ball hit beautifully. That man, a famous young player, Doichi, teaches Tama to use racket. Tama finds out that he can make home run with this racket too. He can do a full swing with baseball move. Once again, Tama feels like he has purpose in life.img402

Unlike many sports manga I knew, this is a very short manga. It’s only 2 volumes telling the beginning life of Tama’s tennis. We never knew that he would succeed in this anyway. lol. But, it’s ok for me. Despite of Tama’s future in Tennis, the manga point that hardship is all you need to conquer the world. Life might be difficult and your path might be blocked, but there’s always a way. You can always jump the wall. Don’t give up.

My Rating:chick327


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