Taiyo no Mokunshiroku


“Behind those thick fog, the sun is shining, so we have to hold on”, that’s what Genichiro Ryu thought. He’s only a kid but yet has had great mental as leader. It was August 10th 2002, when Japan shocked by 8.8 Richter scale Earthquake. Mount Fuji seemed like it can’t hold on and ready to burst. Genichiro was alone in the mountain when things got worse. Lands are divided and Tsunami was waiting to blow everything. More and more people gave up and died. The Government almost lost hope and waited for America and China’s donation. Numbers of facilitate broken are countless. Amount of people missing are numerous.
In that hard time, Genichiro, still thought of doing deed to other. He saved a wounded dog, gave his food and helped people from drowning. Can this optimistic boy get through the storm and meet his family?

The manga is written based on real National disaster. It’s true that Japan lies between two continents that is easily break up. That’s why they build sophisticate houses which suppose to be able to hold earthquake. But, the fact is many buildings fell and the construction is not strong enough. The story of brave young boy here gets rewarded on 51rst Shogakukan Manga Award. I really like it, so it’s worthchick419


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