Sanzoku ou

Itsuki Naoshige and his son Nagato are perhaps the last Itsuko family who had been devoting their life to Hojo family. But, since the last war when the Itsuki succeed beating the Mongolian, they had not got appropriate reward. Hojo responds to unsatisfied soldiers by haunting them and killed them all. It happened when Naoshige was not born yet.i41633
Years passed by and Naoshige stayed away from samurai world. He chose to be a peasant and living in country side. but, one day, the Hojo’s army broke into their house to catch Naoshige and kill him. Knowing nothing but sadness, Nagato finds his father dead on crucified. With the family sword, Nagato promises to take revenge for his late father. But, that sword is very mysterious. Completely heavy and hard to take out, but when Nagato shows his murder intension, he can slash his enemy easily with that weapon. It’s like he’s being possessed by the spirit of the soul. However, to kill Hojo Takatoki, the present leader of Hojo, is not easy.

Well, I’m a fan of Sawada Hirofumi sensei, so subjectively I give this mangachick58


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