Love Slave (Koisuru Nikudorei-chan)

i42241Itta Saijo has been falling in love with Riri since he was just a brat. He would do anything to protect her even though people think he’s bad. Yes, he grows up with juvenile delinquent appearance. Today, he fills up his gut to confess to his princess. But, instead of saying “I love you”, he ends up saying, “Riri Hamada, you have to be my slave from now on” He gets a shocking response from her because Riri says yes and hugs him. Riri, a dumb big breast girl, thinks those words as confession. She has been waiting for it, too. This is a love story about bad boys and childish girl who love each other so much.

It’s stupid and yet romantic. You should try it. I was listening to Gackt’s old song, “Dears” while writing this review and I think it matched.
ushinatta egao no kazu dake
kesshite uragiru koto wa dekinai no da to
nandomo sou kokoro de tsubuyaita
Only your lost smiling face
Could never do anything like betray
Over and over I murmured this to my heart

tatoe donna ni kizutsuite mo
dore dake kizutsuku koto ni natte mo
dareni mo boku wa tomerarenai
And no matter how much I’ve been hurt
And what became the thing that hurts me
I can’t stop for anyone

My Rating: chick327

Uppss..before I forget, this manga is scanlated by sereanus dreamer


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