i3414Religion sect is growing fast in Japan. It’s a new kind of prospective business. It starts with worshipping fund, the organization asks worshipper to publish the teaching to many people to increase the number of members. It’s kinda like MLM, right? By the money given by worshipper, The Leader leads a wealthy life not to mention getting his hand on many other businesses.
So, this story is about Kikuchi Takeo who had been raised by Nehai souseikai, a religious organization, as an assassin since he was child.Revenging his late mother who’d been used by the organization, he turns from Organization’s dog to biting wolf. He starts killing organization assassins. That’s the only way to pure his heart, that’s what he thought. On the other side, his brother, Kan, is a policeman investigating the serial killing of organization members. The sadistic method his brother used is against the law, but the law itself has been bought by Nehai Souseikai.

This manga is quite brutal. Think of it in the same category with Battle Royale, MPD Psycho and Gantz. So, this is not recommended for you who has bad heart. lol.

Talking about religious sect, it’s a huge growing not only in Japan, but also in whole world. Most reason because the worshippers fail to find truth in old religion. This world does become too greedy and too dangerous to live in so people need something to hang on. Religion shows the imperfect and weakness of human kind. But, the one who make this world suffered is man himself. Turning on to new religion is just a runaway passage one could never find peace with. There’s nothing new in sect right? They’re just combining various teachings of world’s religion. The worshippers blinded by the kindness Leader shows on the surface so they would give money for him. I think all religious activities that require worshipper to give money for the organization is fake. Here we call it Miss-Leading.

My Rating: chick327


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