Zig Zag

i35592This is a story about three boys connected by flowers. Takaaki Asakura (nickname: Taiyo) loves flower after influenced by his admiration to Marika, his cousin. Sono Kirihara (nickname: Black), the son of famous Ikebana artist, who choose to abandon tradition and get away from home. the last is Tatsuki Suwa, the son of biggest florist company who actually has no sense of flowering.

In boy’s dormitory, Taiyo (Takaaki Asakura) shares the same room with Sono Kirihara. Sono is very cold person, but Taiyo can’t be ignored. He’s very enthusiastic person, just like the sun. He wants to make people smile and giving flower is one of the ways. Sono is the first person who teach him how to care flower. Later, Taiyo tries make good flower arrangement. Though, Sono’s relationship with his father is not smooth, because he senses his lack of talent. Sono decides to go out from home. But, it doesn’t mean that he hates flower. He just needs to be recognized.

Taiyo decides that it would be great if the school have Flower Arrangement Club. His works has been widely known because of his participation in dormitory’s festival. But, he has to have 4 other member before establishing. His first target is Sono who recently likes to say ‘no’. Can he persuade him?

It’s kinda hard for me to write the review since it’s just about loving flower. haaaaaaaa…But, I always love Yuki Nakaji sensei’s work for its simplicity and honesty. The modesty is more attractive than complicated love story. This is shoujo manga anyway.

You can download this 9-volume manga from linwenolatari

My Rating: chick419


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