Pandora’s Cube

i47576Kazuya, Kou and Ryoji, the three of them were childhood friends. But, recently many things changed. Ryouji likes bullying Kazuya while Kou pretends to be a good friend. One day, Ryouji locks Kazuya in mysterious box at Art Class. Kou searches for Kazuya everywhere until he stumbles on that box. As Kazuya released from the box, Ryouji appears and replace him inside. Seeing that, Kazuya decides to try many things to release Ryouji. According to Kou, it’s a weird action because this is the chance for him to get revenge. But, Kazuya doesn’t care. Boxes appear and each of them shows puzzled on the surface waiting for Kazuya to resolve. The end of the puzzle is the key to restore their childhood friendship.

Original review by fe21@silva, translated to English by sakuramochi

Pleasve visit watase sorai for download.

I bought this manga because my cousin really loves Yuu Asagiri sensei. Well, I only read it once and I think this is a good story. I like things about friendship which is not contained of boy-girl love. Asagiri sensei should consider of making more stuff like this instead of childish look girl-boy love story. Ha ha ha.

So, this’s my kind of story. It’s worth…chick419


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