Haruka 17

Depression of 7 months wandering for Job, Haruka stumbles on a small Production House. She was thinking of doing administration job, but the owner sees golden opportunity in selling her face. That’s the step stone for her to be an artist. Of course, this is not what she wanted. She’s lack of confident and already 22. The management packages her as 17 pure innocent girl and start doing some model stuffs. Gradually, she regains self consciousness, as well as self esteem. The world she works in may not be easy, but it can be amusing, because she’s surrounded by wonderful persons. Can Haruka climb to stardom?

The idea of this story is very down to earth. How many people suffer from unemployment and end in doing anything (as long as it makes money). That’s a reality we face. Some girls choose easy way by selling their bodies. Though I think being model is also part of that, most people assume model is a good job for having much money. well, it’s not. Every great model starts from the bottom, yeah, the bottom of woman’s pride. It’s a hard work for sure.
AS for the artwork, it’s confusing me. The art is rough and strong unlike a drawing from a woman. Could it be that Yamazaki sensei is actually a guy?

My Rating: chick218


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