Ossu! Renai Gakuen

ossu-renai-gakuen-002Tagosaku Yamakawa comes to Ritsujoukan Academy as a housekeeper. But, since he’s in school age, the headmaster tells him to go to school after doing his work. That’s where he meets the scary Ryuhei Kazamatsuri. He’s a cool guy, but he likes to make Tagosaku as laughing stock. He’s a son of crimelord. The other boys are less than normal, as well. There are Tetsuya Kimura (31) who used to be an army, Asakura Yuu who’s completely beautiful as France porcelain, Satoshi Kagami who’s having tea ritual on the classroom, and the otaku Lark Alberto. This is the G class that the headmaster assigns Tagosaku to look after. Comparing to those guys he looks like a little mouse among carnivores. Can he survive?

This project is presented by smexy bastard

My rating:chick218


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