i48714Kobato comes to human world with mission of gathering people’s emotion in a bottle. with that bottle she can get her wish granted.But, before getting the bottle, she has to prove that she can live normally like human. It’s hard because Kobato has a very little amount of everyday knowledge. Have you ever see people use leaf to cover her body from rain? Or Natto and chocolate in Nabe? Those are just few things Kobato does. It’s completely worrying, isn’t it?

This is another manga from famous mangaka group, Clamp. There are so many works they’ve done, but I hardly finish reading them. Name X, XXXholic, Tsubasa Chronicles or Veda. They are so productive, yet too many inspirations. haaaaaaaa… I hope this one won’t last too long, like X.

My Rating: chick327

Please visit Clamp no Lumiere and Fujibato for download.


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