EyeShield 21

American football is a harsh sport. There’s no way Sena Kobayakawa would do it. He’s a small weak kid, who’d been bullied for years, even his childhood friend Mamori always protect him and treat him like a kid. i49228But, Sena has a very vital ability to play the game: he can run very fast.

Hiruma from American Football Club knows it and tricks him to get into the club. He’s an evil for sure that’s the reason the club has only 2 members. Since Sena is a non assertive person, he can’t refuse. Hiruma teach him football and give him special eyeshield so that none recognize him. He would be hijacked by another club if they know his identity. Hiruma calls him Eyeshield 21. Nah, can this new weapon help Devil beats goes to Christmas Bowl? Let’s see…

This is the first time for me to read manga about football, since it’s not very popular around. But, this manga is amazing. It’s funny and fresh. I always like devil-like character like Hiruma. lol. And more than that I get to know what kind of sport football is.


There are a lot groups doing the scanlation for this manga, some of them are AOM , Akatsuki , Apt 6, and Basement Scan. You can also  visit starkana.com !

My Rating:chick58


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