Busou Renkin

It was just a dream when Kazuki killed that night. Well, that’s what he thought because he hardly remembers. busou-renkinBut today he meets again that monster from last night. His heart is stabbed and death is facing him. At that critical moment, a mysterious girl who assembles the one he saved last night, shows and gives him an alchemy metal, Busou Renkin. It can be used as the replacement of Kazuki’s heart so he can be alive again. That metal is also giving him power to kill the homunculus, that’s how that girl calls that monster. The girl’s name is Tokiko and she’s been the homunculus slayer for long. That creature is made from human by someone. Only by killing the master, the epidemy would stop. With the power he has, Kazuki is joining the force to maintain peace for human kind.

This is another work by Nobuhiro Watsuki, the creator of famous manga and anime, Samurai X. The idea of main character saved by someone, then he helps that person doing her duty is common, right? Take Chromosome Factor, Wild Arms or One Piece. However, there’s something wrong here. Kazuki is dead after encountering homunculus, but he shows not even a slice of shock. No matter how brave (or stupid) someone, if you happen to meet a very out of ordinary creature, you should be surprised, right? No matter how careless you are. In that part, Watsuki sensei fails to portray humanize side of Kazuki.

The story is simple with little intrigues, so it worthchick218


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