Itto Ippongi is a regular high school student who always works hard for everything. But, he always ends with failure. His father owns a ramen shop in the city and he works as delivery man. With his old bike, Itto can do his job fast. Miyata, his schoolmate, sees the potency in it and invite him to join his bike team. There’ll be competition next week and they need 1 more member to complete the team. This is the first time Itto feels encouraged. He thinks there’s something he can be good at. But, the cost to get race bike is very expensive. Should Itto’s dream fade away just like that?

I hate bike, because I can’t ride one. Yeah, laugh all you like. I’m used to. But, I do want to be able to ride it someday. It looks fun. So does this manga. Itto is just an ordinary boy who almost sinks in unconfident. It was Miyata who take him from the deep depression and give him a goal. Everyone with goal and dream works hard to achieve it. You can’t call that person a loser, right?

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5 thoughts on “Bikings

  1. well, it’s what written on the book. It’s also listed in mangaupdates, so I’m positive that it the real title. You can also try with Japanese pronouciation: “Baikingusu”

    Have fun!

  2. It’s a grear book. I wish the manga story was longer. And, does anyone know where to read it online?

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