Ai Hime ai to Himegoto

Mao finds a beautiful man sleeping under sakura tree. The first meeting is so delicate that Mao falls in love in instant. He even kisses her. She can never let him off her mind ever since.
Her parents are workaholic cameramen who travel all around the country. Thanks to their work, they have to leave their only daughter alone abroad. But, before they leave, Mao’s Dad asks his step brother to take care of the daughter. Tonight they’re gonna meet. But, Mao’s completely surprise to see that the man her father entrusted her to is the guy kissed her. Filled with broken heart, Mao promised not to let her feeling flow for him. But, can you stop love that easy?

Honestly, I really hate this kind of story. My friend just dropped me this full-of-tear romantic manga and I only read it once. This is not my favorite. But, if you’re the kind who’ll do anything for love, this one could be a good reference.

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