Angel’s Adolescence

i10036When he comes home, Takeru finds two mysterious girls in his room. One is bleeding so badly. The injured girl’s name is Jo, who surprisingly is a very skilled shooter. Her partner, Meg, is a childish cute girl. They live by doing any dangerous mission. In some missions they have to open fire with mafia or gangster. Though the pay is magnificent, Jo always spends it on weapon and bullet.
This time they have to get a wedding ring back for a bride to be. The limit time is tomorrow afternoon. The burglars are five crazy men. Can Jo and Meg save the wedding?

Though the first encounter looks significantly amazing, it’s actually just an ordinary adventure story. After the first scenes, the story is slowly boring. But, at least you can enjoy the soft art (it’s not detail, though). Reading this manga makes me feel like looking at RPG. Thank God it’s only 3 volumes-serial.

You can download it from dinasty scan

My Rating:chick12


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