Tennen Pearl Pink

Tamako Momono, 14, comes to Tokyo to meet her mother. It’s been 10 years she’s been living apart with her. Her mother is widely known as idol star, Momoko. Having a child is bad promotion for an artist, so Tamako stays in DOG RUN, the agency her mother worked to. That’s where she reunites with Kanji, her first love. i17003It was 10 years ago when Kanji promised to marry her when she could be strong and never cry. Tamako never cry ever since, just to prove her love to him.
But, Kanji doesn’t even remember that words. Now, Tamako is trying her best to make sure Kanji fall in love with her. On the other side, she also wants people to acknowledge her talent, not just because she’s Momoko’s daughter.

The beginning of this story sounds familiar to you? Yeah, it looks like “Complex”, the plot is quite similar, too. But, Meca Tanaka sensei developed it well so it’s fresh and amusing. I recently admire his work, though this is the first serial I’ve read thoroughly and completely (4 volumes of all). I think Tanaka sensei is a very warming and modest person. His characters are over flowed with family issue, but they keep their own moral code. Somehow people work that hard is really encouraging for me. I really like Tanaka sensei’s work. Subarashi!

My Rating:chick58


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