dandelionYukihito Daigo is a hacker. Together with Kanade Misasagi, he runs a surveillance agency that provides information for anyone. In this global network era, it’s easily to get information through internet. He looks like otaku who refuses having contact with society. But, one day a crazy stalker takes him as hostage and tries to kill him. In a second his eyes turn and he smack that guy easily.

He’s blossoming.

The story flashes back 6 months ago when where’s a mysterious site called dandelion becomes popular among hackers. It called ‘Dandelion’. Every hacker wants to get through and beat it. Daigo succeed to get in, but when he open the final file, a dandelion picture pops with words on it, “Do what you like and identify yourself”. It’s a hypnotic sentence that awakens one’s dark side. The site keeps popping from different location so the virus keep contagious. Now, Daigo has to meet those people of his kind. He’s trying to stay straight and pure, but this psychological suggestion is hard to fight.

I like this story because it combines my two favorite things: computer and psychology. This story tells us how hard it is to maintain your self concept. I mean, without being hypnotized, young people are often lost control. We imitate idols; do stupid things and acts violently. Somehow, we think they are cool. But, it’s not, right? When you grow older then you realize how ridiculous those were. In this manga hypnotize is used to turn people into evil, may be we should try to turn evil into angel with that method, too (that’s rare!!)

My Rating:chick419


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