Let’s be Romantic

Midori is a big fan of famous mangaka, Yuuki Hitomi sensei. Knowing that Yuuki Takeshi, her classmate, is the younger brother of her idol, Midori takes chance to get closer to him. She’s hoping to see the sensei herself, may be even get one or two illustration.
But, Takeshi is a very cold person. Midori decides doing an attack by attending his home. She’s shock knowing that the Yuuki Hitomi sensei is actually Takeshi using his sister name. Her sister is a terrible drawer like Midori. lets-be-romantic-01
Midori is happy knowing this secret. She’s growing more affection to Takeshi ever since he helped her doing manga stuffs for festival. If only there’s anything she can do for him. Actually, Takeshi is in trouble. He’s currently harder to think about romantic scenes for his manga. People love romantic things, but he has no experience on it. Midori offers him a hand, “Let’s be romantic!”

I like the type of girl like Midori who never listens and likes interfering other’s business. ha ha ha
You can download this manga from mangadownloads

My Rating: chick327


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