The Phantomhive family has been protecting the queen for years. Being the royal’s dog, they are granted great power. Even so, they’re actually just a normal family where Ciel loved by his parents and relatives. But, one day, the mannor’s caught by fire. It costed the life of Lord of Phantomhive and his wife, leaving Ciel.

This accident dragged Ciel to unknown people who disgraced him. The fire was not only took his parents, dignity, but also his smile. Ciel decides to live to take revenge.

Being a master in such young age, he’s cold by nature. By his side, he has a devil swore to obey him for life, Sebastian. He is a butler, yet he’s capable of doing many things from cooking to investigating murder scene. Sebastian risks his life in order to protect his young master. That’s the words bind them until the master died.

Though this anime is quite dark, the art is developed well. I still don’t understand why it becomes hits. I find the story is quite attractive, though it’s hard to take it to amuse level. Am I just one of the crowds who follow the trend? Honestly, my friend told me that there’s a hot anime on net lately. So, I just took my time downloading it. I just got the first episode when I decide that this is not going to make me relax. It would be great to watch it someday, so I’ll just keep downloading. But, it fails to make me curious about the next scene. How about you?




My Rating: chick327


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