Kakene Nashi no Love Toriki

Kirisawa Ami is a cute girl. She makes use of her potency by giving date service. For example, she would go on movie date for 6000 yen or having a fake love confession. Hmm…life’s hard for her since her father passed away. This is the only way she thought to survive.kakene2
But, this smooth way is turned upside down as Ami receives a job from Hakomori Ruka. He wants her to his girlfriend to trick his parents. Ruka comes from a great wealthy family, so he used to have people do what he likes. He’s cynical and intimidating. There are more reasons to hate him, but as Ami shows him her back scar, he doesn’t freak out. He accepts Ami and soon falls in love with her. This is the first time Ami could really enjoy open her heart to someone, even though their relationship is forbidden.

I think this came out in her early career (2001), because the art is not as smooth as Kanan sensei’s drawing I know. This manga is scanlated by shoujo magic
My Rating: chick218


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