Koisuru Cupid

Natsume and Tomoki are best friends. One day, a shocking news comes unexpectedly, Natsume died! The fact brings Tomoki into his deep sadness. But, when he got home, Natsume is there waiting. Yeah, it’s his ghost. Apparently he still had some unfinished agenda. Natsume tells his best friend about the guy he fell in love with. He regrets that he didn’t had a chance to tell him how he feels. As a good friend, Tomoki tries hard to fulfill his dream. But, the man Natsume had a crush on is the man he likes, Yabuuchi. Tomoki feels the urge to hide his feeling for the sake of Natsume. Though Yabuuchi and Natsume can see clear through his face. How this triangle love ends?

This is a very funny yaoi manga. It’s highly recommended! Please visit dangerous pleasure for downloading this hillarious manga!

My Rating: chick58


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