Youth should be filled with dream and hard work. Even if you work so hard, if you’re pursuing your dream, then everything is acceptable. Everything is enjoyable. rookiesThat’s what this teacher thought. Yup, Kawato is the name of that teacher. Being transferred to a school with patheric baseball club, he’s exciting to get all members start their sport activity. Their club is pathetic because there’re only a bunch of delinquent students. They were so in love with baseball until they lost in a game. They were cheated. It wasn’t a good game anyway, but it ended with fighting. They stops playing ever since.
But, Kawato sensei is a stubborn one. He believes that those juveniles are hoping to get someone hears them. They actually still wanna play. But, distrust from their surrounding keeping them away from their dream.
Based on famous sport manga, Rookies, shows us that everyone has the right to dream. We may not know how to reach it. At that moment, there’s always help, even when we reject it.
Dream is something that make people hang on and work for the best. If it’s taken away from us, we’re nothing but skeletons.
My Rating: chick327


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    1. u mean like meebo me?
      just get it in

      about other things, it’s already on the template.

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