Together with his robotic pet, atom, Sho Tobio travel from Japan to Dong Bei City in People Republic of China. tetsuzin-1His mother, Saeko, is a scientist graduated from MIT who is sign to reevaluate Japanese weapons left in China as the result of Japanese colonialism years ago. Some of those armors are producing dangerous gas. Moreover, the sentiment for Japanese is stabbed inside local people’s mind. It’s amazing how Saeko still manage to get her 10 year old son in that kind of area. Sho was born in Japan, grew up in America, and before he could spend time remembering Kanji at his school in Gunma, he now has to deal with new unfriendly environment. Atom is the only one he can talk to. That little robot has been accompanying for all these lonely days when her mother is so busy working.

One night Sho was having phone conversation with her grandma in Japan when the electricity black out. Suddenly Atom reacts into some transmission and run away. Sho is trying hard to catch him. When he finally gets his hand of his dog, they’re already in some kind of basement. Right in front of their eyes lays a gigantic robot. ..

Download is available at kurozakuro

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3 thoughts on “Tetsuzin

    1. Arigato, Minna this is where you can find the scanlation. I see that you’re also scanlating J.
      We’ll be there…
      I will..


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