Liar Game

I never meet someone as stupid as Kanzaki Nao before. Sure, she has pure heart, but she’s suppose to use her head too,right? She’s stuck in a game she never won, still she insist to stay. That way she’s only making burden for Akiyama. Geez, this is the type of girl I hate.
Enough about personal sentiment, I’ll be telling you the main plot of Liar Game.
There’s a package coming to Kanzaki Nao’s door today inviting her into a Liar Game. Along with the card, a bunch of money included. It’s 100 million cash! What should she do? Is this some kind of joke or swindling method? She’s only a college student with sick father. She has none to consult about this. She comes to the police and they think she’s crazy handling such large amount of money. Finally, she meets a lawyer that suggest her to ask assistant from scamp artist, Akiyama Shinichi. He would be released from jail soon.

Luckily, she gets to meet him right away. From the first look, Akiyama has find out how incredible stupid this girl would be. She’s too honest and obedient. Feeling pity and bothered, the swindler decides to help her. The game starts by a command of taking opponent’s money. Using psychological trick, Akiyama and Nao succeed swindling her opponent’s treasure. But, this is not the end yet. It’s a devil circle that when you decide to stop, you have to pay high amount of resignation fee. This is such a dangerous trick, but Nao and Akiyama just have to defeat the system with Nao’s honesty as the sword.

There’s an old saying that only moron feel into the same hole twice. But, Kanzaki Nao is more than a moron for me. She decides to jump into the hole three times yet knowing she can’t win without Akiyama’s support. Such a burden! But, in the end, her honesty saves many people to get out of the game. Naaa…this is such a complicated story and you can’t actually use the trick in everyday life. At least, we can learn that honesty is a trusted weapon, though you have to fall first before getting the victory.
Anyway, this manga is quite similar with Kurosagi (The Black Swindler), right? It’s also made into dorama with Matsuda Shota as Shinichi Akiyama (But, I haven’t watch it. I mean…could you compare Yamapi with Matsuda Shota??????? ha ha ha). May be I’ll watch it someday.


This manga is scanlated by null scanlation or Cityshrimp (chp 86-97)


My rating:chick419


6 thoughts on “Liar Game

  1. This manga series is nice, forget about the girl in the manga but akiyama rocks. However I like both of them in the Drama Series 🙂

  2. I actually love Nao. I find this odd seeing as I totally dislike Tohru and Miaka and characters such as that (passive female characters seem to plague mangas nowadays. Please, bring Sana back!!!). I’m still actually trying to find out what the difference is between Nao and Tohru, and why she’s so different. Maybe it’s because Nao is slightly more realistic, and she doesn’t impress everyone with the first words that comes out of her mouth. She also concedes her mistakes and flaws-and not just her honesty, but her apathy as well. At least she has ACTUAL flaws as a human being. (Being clumsy does NOT count!!!) I don’t think she is passive or “weak” in the conventional sense, she just isn’t the sharpest tool, and needs Akiyama to help reason things out. But who knows? Maybe Akiyama will grow to need her too.

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