Suki nante Ienai

Tachibana Riri saw Senba-senpai at a high school basketball game. She’s captivated by his play. She falls in love at the first sight. That’s why she decided to get into Shuuhei Institute to catch him.
Lucky she gets into the same class with him.


Due to an accident, Senba had to repeat a year and stop his basketball activity. He doesn’t even recognize Riri anymore. How does thing go this awful? Basket is the only thing connects them, now it’s a very sensitive topic. But, Riri won’t give up until he accepts her.

Love is blind, right, and deaf also. No matter how many times he asks her to stay away from him, she just ignores it. ha ha
You can download this manga from osuwari team

My Rating: chick218


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