One Day

This is not a manga, it’s a chinese comic by a guy name Benjamin. I was just stuck on when I hit this one. It stucks (again) in my drive for weeks, and I finally had a chance to read it this morning.
Benjamin sensei is one of a rare artist. His scratch is amazing. It was lika scribbling at first, but how would you think if you see this? The scribbling performs a great stucture to a drawing. It’s like seeing an architect’s draw.one_day_c01_008-009

So, please excuse me to review this one. The story revolving around a man with high self-esteem. It tells about how he spends his one day, starting from getting up, going to work, meeting the same people, drinking with college friend, and going home. It has less dialogue, only that man’s thought bubbling around. He’s wondering what kind of stupid world he’s been living, people he’s been living with, and work he’s been doing.

I personally like the idea. It somehow stab me. I don’t want to live every single day wondering how wasteful my life is.


My Rating: chick419


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