What’s so good in giving everything to a guy? Kore ga wakarimasen.koizora_wp

I was motivated to read the manga ever since I saw the dorama thriller. It was Koji Seto-kun playing. I like him since Kamen Rider Kiva. But, I must admit this is not the kind of story I admire.

Like any other teenager, Mika wants to put her mature look. She tries putting make up on and talking to guys. Her friend, Aya, is a very brave one. She hits on a guy and makes him exchange their phone numbers. Unfortunately, that guy, Nozumu, is more interested in Mika. Though she feels flattered by receiving those emails, Mika doesn’t like this guy. She even hates the situation that makes her relationship with Aya become worse.
One day, Nozumu calls Mika while he was drunk. His friend picks the phone and talk to her. It’s a very warm voice. Mika doesn’t know how he looks like, but she likes it. They have been mailing each other after that.koizora

Ok, that part is romantic, right? But, after that Mika sucks.

Hiro is the guy talking to her. He’s delinquent juvenile that Mika would never even greet at school. When they finally see each other, Mika shocks. But, she realizes a special feeling for him so she doesn’t want to him goes. She even skips class, and then goes to his house. It would the sweet first time for her if only Hiro didn’t call her by other girl’s name. (How stupid she is..^%#$%&^*).

The fact that Mika’s feeling is too strong makes her willing to accept him (this even stupider for me).

Hiro breaks up with his girl friend, and they start having lovey-dovey life. But, this is just a beginning for Mika’s miserable story. Saki, Hiro’s ex girlfriend, has to take revenge. She lets some boys rape Mika.
She’s just lost her pride, now she’s become paranoid that Hiro won’t feel the way he used to be. She keeps everything for herself just to make sure people doesn’t change the way they look at her.

Somehow, I can’t be empathic to her. May be the way Ibuki Haneda sensei draw the plot is too rough so I can’t get the feeling. Normally, this kind of story would touch me, or even make me cry. But, this is too sucks! I only read the first chapter and sayonara….
But, if you REALLY HAVE TO read this manga, you can find it at willful muse

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAh, it’s pity remembering Aragaki Yui is playing that dumb girl, Mika. Geeez, I really like Yui-chan.
  • My Rating:chick12


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