Akane Chan Overdrive

Amamiya is the kind of guy you called popular. Girls are chasing him every where. But, the Amamiya we’re talking about here is not. He likes skipping school. Though they have the same last name, their fates are like heaven and earth.
akane-chanOne day, he dies…in a very pathetic way. What a great life for looser, ha?
He’s only 19. It’s too fast! I think God hears it so he’s given another chance. He can possess the body of comatus patient. The problem is that body belongs to a girl. As she wakes up from her long sleep, the memory has been erased and replaced by Amamiya’s. The girl’s name is Akane. Now, Amamiya has to live Akane’s life.

The topic is popular right? When souls accross body, the personality changes. I recall My Barbaric Girlfriend and Change Guy in the same club.
Well, if you like Ichigo Channel’s author, you might wanna check this out. I just read it on one manga.

My Rating: chick327


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