ann-cassandraBekku Nanaki first day in Tokyo is such a mess. She hits a fish dealer in the middle of the street. Next thing she knows, a billboard falls off and almost get them killed. What an unfortune way to begin a day with. Well, the shocking part is when she comes to the school (late, of course). The fish guy is her classmate!!
He’s blessed with unlucky life so that he encounters accidents every day. He should be a grade above Bekku, but due to all the injuries he had to repeat a year.Everybody call him Kizaki senpai. People stay away from him to prevent their damage. But, Bekku is very interested in that strange guy. Kizaki senpai always carries a black book. She wonders what’s written inside….

It took me a while to find a chance to download it. It’s on mangashare. But, the online reading version is way more up to date. You can check one manga for that. I must say, it’s getting interesting!

My Rating:chick419


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