Oujisama Game

oujisama-gameYears have passed by and Shuki-sama has grown up into a fine prince. Fuanron is a new servant appointed to serve him. Unlike many other subordinate, he’s rude and loses his manner. He even hugs Shuuki with that dirty clothe of him. Their meeting is not extravagant, but he reminds Shuuki of something he forgets.
It was long before he even become a man. The little Shuuki has always attrack people because he has a beautiful face. He almost get raped if only his personal tutor didn’t came up and saved him.
Shuuki can’t remember it well, but how does his beloved tutor resemble Fuanron, his new slave?
This is a project by doki-doki. The book itself contains of 4 stories about love life between princes and their lover.

My Rating:chick327


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