Cat Street

Having a bad memory of her childhood, Keito stops believing people. She was a child actress, but she failed. She had sacrificed school and being thought as celebrity before, but now everyone look pity on her. Even her parents stop motivating her. She’s a failure in their eyes.
That’s the reason she pull off from society. She stops going to school and spend her day as a stranger.

One day, she meets a man claimed himself as a headmaster of unique school. That school accepts student with special needs, like Keito. Perhaps this is the way she can rearrange her life again. It won’t be easy, but if only she would pull herself….

The manga has been turned into dorama. It’s a very nice story, I think. I mean, everyone may have difficult situation that makes you wanna run away. In fact, that’s the common problem we have now. Young people are not hard enough to overcome problems. We’re easily giving up.
That’s just the reason adults abandon us. they think we’re not dependable enough.
But, no matter how hard it is, if you open your eyes, help is always there. You just have to initiate it. People can not help you, if you don’t want to be helped.
This manga is scanlated by condensation, but you can also check dispy for alternative download. The manga has already end in volume 8th, the latest download can be found at a will muse.

If you encounters some trouble downloading from those site above, you can find chapter 1-16 at reality lapse

My Rating:chick58


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