Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

Kohinata Minoru is such a loser. This guy is a chicken, for sure. But, his feeling for Nana-chan is strong. It was a month ago when Minoru accompanied Nana practicing at gymnastic club. The senior bullied him that night. Minoru knows he can’t win, so he’s just apologizing. That’s a very stupid act because they’re getting more into it. Luckily, Mutoh Ryuuji was there. He kicked all those senpais easily.
Mutoh Ryuuji is somehow we can say a trouble maker. He realizes how strong he is so he likes to challenge other martial art club. He took Minoru to the second Karate Club room. That’s where Minoru met the captain, Minami Hiroki, whom later “forces” him to join the club.

Minoru’s Karate life is about to begin….

I was just accidentally hit this manga when I browsed deadbeatscans and I’m very satisfied. This Mutoh guy is very crazy, you’ll like it (I really hate Minoru for being too weak. He’s a man, right??).

My Rating:chick419


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