Made up myth-second rape

made-up-mythWakana and Taku have been mailing each other for 3 months. It’s time to move forward. Wakana invites him to go to festival together. But, what happens there is something she never imagines before. Taku rapes her!
She’s hurt and lose mind. She goes to police station where she gets more shocking news. When a woman gets raped, she has two choices: reporting it or keeping it. If she reports it, everybody will know that incident and she would feel humiliated. But, can she keeps it forever?
Both choices are hard for a girl. In this kind of situation, she’s really need support from parent and friend. I think this is a very good story. I mean, how young people are simple minded and careless. They like act sexy, they want to be attracted. Raping could happen to anyone. So, don’t trust just anyone.
I know we have to take chances, but be smart!
This manga is scanlated by shoujo magic as part of “Kakene Nashi no Love Toriki

My Rating: chick58


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