Hoshi wa Utao

hoshi_wa_utau_vol01_ch01_00Being abandon by her parent, Sakuya decides to live with her cousin, Kanade. Her life is tough, and she feels like love is hard to get. She works at Hokan store where every one treats her well. Rumors spread about her life, but she always try to make a smile on her face.
Even so, she feels lonely. She looks out night sky and wondering if only star could praise her hard work. Dreaming of the words, “You’re tried your best” or “You’re amazing,” Sakuya always look forward.
On her birthday, Kanade invites his friend, Chihiro, to celebrate Sakuya’s party at home. He says the words she’s been longing too. At last, Sakuya feels relieved!

I think Natsuki Takaya sensei draws this manga so that we get a real deep comprehension of hard work. Every little thing we do deserve compliment. And on the contrary, everyone should give compliment to other. It makes them feel better.
In this story, the compliment comes from a stranger. It’s amazing how a stranger understand us so much. He’s been giving something that even family can’t do.

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My Rating: chick327


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