What if the end is the beginning?

Hiro burns all his dream for baseball because he had injury in his shoulder. He promise himself to get rid of that sport. For that reason, Hiro chooses Senkawa High which has no baseball club. On the contrary, his best friend, Hideo gets into a famous baseball team in his new school. They were good partner, but now they choose their own path.
To kill time, Hiro applies to soccer club. But, he meets Haruka, manager of Baseball lover club. That club is terrible. They can not really play, because they just want to have fun. One day, Kine, a prodigy rookie in soccer club makes a bet on baseball lover club. He challenges that club to make fun of them. He has an ulterior motive, though. He thought, if he played cool, then Haruka would be attracted to him.
The game goes unbalanced. The soccer club gets the higher score. It’s not a fine play, but Hiro feels the urge he kept down inside his heart. He can’t get away of baseball….

The most interesting part of this manga is that all the main characters’ name begin with the letter H: such as Hiro, Hideo, Hikari and Haruka. Well, this is the story about Hiro and Hideo, though. I wonder why does Adachi sensei loves baseball so much. I just hope this one is way different that Touch (It’s also about baseball and the competition of 2 young man).

My Rating: chick58


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