Binetsu Snow

binetsu_snow_01The temperature has down below zero. It’s unusual for having snow here in Tokyo. But, it does everything seems so romantic.
In this snowy afternoon, Shimizu Rui is standing in front of train station waiting for her cousin Ricchan who’s about to take university entrance test. They had such a sweet memory from their childhood. Rui remember how much she adore that cute cousin. She expects a beautifull woman coming.
But, the one who comes is not even a woman. Rui missunderstood since  Ricchan looks so cute when they were kids. This time, she can’t just admire him, she’s already falling in love with him.
The problem is men scares Rui. She’s not used to have a boy hanging around her. Now, she has to bear a heart pounding with Ricchan living in her house. Ricchan realizes that and tempt her to use him as a practice tool.

But, the training turns into real feeling….

This is a project by osuwari

My Rating: chick419


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