Bikou Root

Ichiko’s finaly found the right guy. He’s Arashi senpai, a senior who’s recently become popular with his band. Surely, he way out of her reach, but Ichiko won’t give up. She’s so obsessed by him that she can even smell his cologne from a distance.


When she sees Arashi senpai naked, she hummiliate herself by having a nose bleed. The only way to save is running away. It was a harsh move so she accidentaly left her belonging. But, Arashi is a good man. He gives her belonging back. Unfortunately, Ichiko is too nervous, so she almost break his hand. This week, he could not use his hand for a while. Ichiko proposes herself as his right hand and become his slave. Ichiko has no idea that this trick is made by Arashi to get them closer.

Please visit Nekohana and Eden for downloading this manga.

My Rating: chick327


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