bartender_v01_c01_p001He’s young, yet he’s so skillful. Being a prestigious bartender abroad, he’s will to take his chance in his hometown, Japan.
Sasakura Ryuu has been called “The Glass of God”. For him a bartender means a kind roost. A bar is just a hanging place without bartender. To make it joyful, a bartender must be able to understand the customer needs with kindness and fulfill it. No matter who it is, if they stand in front of the counter, a bartender never betrays them.

I’m not a drinker, so this story is quite knowledgeful for me.This is a world I would never touch, though. ha ha
Despite of the alcohol part, the story is very good and amusing. With such a clear and fine drawing, this manga is worth reading. You can download it from osuwarior moarbadscans

Since both groups are currently inactive *cry*, you can also try Cityshrimp (chp 16-46)

My Rating: chick419


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