Amai Suppai Horonigai : Love Sickness

amai_suppai_horonigai_story2Kae has a weak body since a child. She can’t force herself doing extra work. That’s why she seldom play around. When she sees a bunch of man playing baseball near the river, she feels great. Even though she can’t be like them, she feels their joy only by seeing them.
one day, when she watches them training, a ball almost hit her. Thank God, a member of the baseball team saves her. He’s a fine good looking boy that makes her heart pounding. She shakes her feet and nearly fall. That boy lifts her easily. At that moment, Kae hasn’t realize that she’s just suffering a new disease, love!

This is a project by osuwariteam

Read it here at mangafox

My Rating:chick327


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