Ai no Shintairiku

There’s a new transfer student today. His name is Sara. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
ai-no-shintairiku-ch1-pg-002Originally he’s a boy, but he chooses to appear as a girl. Hey, he’s really good at that. Every boy are having crush on him right away.
Sara gets various reaction from his surrounding. Some people are just can’t accept this anomaly. Even his parents feel ashamed fom him. But, his heart is like a woman. He’s soft and fragile like many girls. That’s his cute side that makes boys falling in love.
He even has a crush on Kaito-kun, the classmate he meets on the train.
Well, Sara’s fight’s begun. Not only society approval, but also love winning, He’ll pursue it! THIS is absolutely a brave new world when we can choose our sex.
This is a nice project by Doki-doki or Doki-doki on irc

My Rating:chick58


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